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The SEM Exchange session will bring together managers and investors for candid face-to-face conversations in a new, highly curated, 20-minute format. LPs and consultants will get “first looks” at emerging talent, and managers will gather knowledge and gain the visibility that is so critical to helping grow their businesses. 

More than ever, these connections have been designed to provide meaningful conversations and foster lasting relationships between participants. 

Who can participate in the SEM Exchange meetings? 

  • Institutional Investors 
  • Consultants 
  • Small, emerging, and diverse investment managers  
  • GCM Grosvenor employees

When does SEM Exchange take place?  

  • October 14, 8:30am – 9:45am CT and 11:30am – 12:40pm CT 
  • Each meeting will be 20 minutes, with 5-minute transition periods. 
  • All SEM Exchange registrants are expected to be available for both time blocks to ensure the best matchmaking opportunities.

How will the meeting scheduling and matches be managed? 

  • This year, we will take a more curated approach to better ensure that participants get value out of the meetings.  
  • On September 20, all SEM Exchange registrants (GPs, LPs, and consultants) will receive a form via email that includes a list of organizations they are eligible to meet with. From this list, participants may set their preferences indicating those they would like to meet.   
  • There are 6 meeting slots, and although we cannot guarantee any number of meetings, we will do our best to provide every SEM Exchange participant with the best opportunity for meetings.

How will I know with whom I am meeting?  

  • We will send out the list of confirmed meetings, including firm profile details 3-5 business days prior to the meetings.  
  • This list of meetings will also include contact information, should you wish to communicate or share information prior to the meeting day. 
  • If we are unable to find any suitable matches for you, you will also be notified.

Where will these meetings be hosted? 

  • SEM Exchange meetings will be hosted on the same platform that is hosting the SEM Conference. 
  • Once confirmed, these meetings will be added to your agenda in the event platform, allowing you to directly join the meeting.  
  • If others from your firm are registered for the SEM Conference, and you would like them to be involved in your SEM Exchange meetings, you can indicate this preference during the submission process. 
  • If you would like others from your firm to be involved in your SEM Exchange meetings, but they are not registered for the conference, we will provide a unique link for them to join the meeting within the event platform. There is no need to host your SEM Exchange meetings on an external platform.

What if I need to cancel prior to the event? 

  • Please notify immediately.  
  • If you are unable to participate, we ask that you send someone from your organization in your place, where possible.  
  • If this is not an option, we will assist with rescheduling meetings at a later date if necessary.